Shri Vitthal Rukmani temple Pandharpur

Pandharpur Vitthal Rukmani Temple - Shri Vitthal Rukmani temple, Pandharpu  near Solapur is the main center of worship for the Hindu deity Vitthal, believed to be a local form of god Krishna or Vishnu and his consort Rakhumai or Rukmini. Shri Vitthal Rukmani temple is the main centre of worship for Vithoba, a form of the god Vishnu . A dip in the holy river Chandrabhaga on whose banks Pandharpur resides, is believed to have power to wash all sins. Prettily placed on the majestic banks of River Chandra bagha, Pundalik Temple portrays lord Vitthal as its chief deity. Vitthal is one among the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The main shrine is a five-story building with a pyramidal gun spire. The statue of Jaya and Vijaya flanks Lord Vithal.

The main attraction in this square shaped temple is its portico, which has a measurement of 25' by 17'. This portico holds the idol of lord Shiva, which is protected by a brass cover. It is a customary practice that the devotees should wash their feet in the warm water spring that flows adjacent to the temple before they embark their dharshan of the lord. One among the embarrassing allure in the temple premises is the iron boat of 3 ft by 2 ft, which floats in the river water but appears too heavy to raise with hands. Timings in the temple is schedules between 4 AM -7 PM.

Rukmini Mandir in the district of Solapur is one of the chief deities of Pandharpur. This temple dedicated to her is placed on the banks of Chandra Bhaga river and it is commonly called as the Panduranga Temple. Lofty walls and colossal towers are the landmark signs of this lovely shrine. Situated on a high platform the temple stands 370 feet east-west houses and170 feet northwest. The entry to the temple is through the Namdev gate which is characterized by a plight of 12 steps. The temple holds the statue of Namdev who is figured with his tambourine.

Though Rukmini is the wife of Lord Krishna she is not seen with her husband in this shrine. Legend has it that Rukmini is doing her penance and that's why she is depicted alone in her temple. Earlier the mandir has only a small shrine and portico and later a mandap, an antarala and a sabhamandap were added to the existing structures .

The Vishnupada literally is the lord's feet and the temple by this name situates with in the city limits. A lovely shrine on the majestic environ of the Chandrabhaga river is a breath taking site that allures the onlooker with its exquisite charm and prettiness. The temple is connected to the shore by a ramp.

Constructed with stone masonry, the temple is in the shape of an open hall where sixteen pillars of stone support its flat roof. The pillar portrays images of Lord Krishna and Vishnu in their typical postures. The temple enshrines the lotus feet of the lord on rock, which are placed on a square. These rocks carries the footprints in two positions and one can also see the foot prints of a cow entrenched in it. One of the footprints shows cases the typical posture of Krishna standing on his left foot and the right foot crossed and resting on his toes. The other one depicts the lord on his both feet.

Since the temple situates in the middle of the river temple shows water level up to its floor level and in the rainy months the temple is virtually submerges with the water .

A holy shrine of quite antiquity that holds Vithoba, a localized version of lord Krishna is one among the numerous devout destinations in Pandharpur. The temple is believed to be centuries old and the most amazing aspect in this holy shrine is the scripture that dates back to the year 1195.The devotees used to rub their back on this scripture, which is believed to absolve them from the wheel of rebirths.

The lord is seen accompanied by his consort Rukmini. The deities look truly impressive with its blackish colour and in Navarathri and Dusshera celebrations they would be clothed with new clothes every day. The temple is open for the public for the whole day during Vari. After Vari the temple is washed with water and the deities would be fed with special meals